Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Professional portrait

When Grandmas were in town we got Jane's pictures taken professionally. She did so good. I think she is so photogenic.

First feeding

Jane's first time eating rice cereal. She is so grown up.

My new hair-do

I got so tired of my long hair falling out everywhere that I decided to go short. What do you think?

floating head number 2

Floating baby head

Roy stuffed Jane in his jacket to play a trick on me--how funny.

weekend with Grandmas

Grandmas came into town to visit. We had a lot of fun.

Play group halloween

At playgroup we dressed all of the babies up and this is what happened. None of them were excited to be showcased in such a way. Jane is the duck that is falling over in the corner. We realized that dressing them up at this age is more for our own pleasure than for their's.